The Life and Times of Charlie (a.k.a. Furballs)

This is a blog about looking exceptionally gorgeous, mousing, fishing, licking oneself and ranting about my owner. If that doesn't interest you, go somewhere else. My owner (a.k.a. SHE or TCM (the cat's mother - "who's 'she', the cat's mother?" get it? no neither did she) may occasionally amuse us (ahem) with her own tales of my activities when SHE thinks she can tell the story better. Oh well we have to patronise these humans....

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fuel shortage

Major crisis on Sunday morning - TCM ran out of my food....completely! You may or may not know, blog readers, that TCM used to get me big bags of food from the vet which she claims was good for me and I thought was like chewing cardboard but hey, it was food and it didn't usually run out. Recently however, for various logistical reasons, she has taken to buying me food from the supermarket, the cat food equivalent of swapping health food for junk food I should think and certainly more tasty. Not sure what it's doing for my joints, immune system or whatever else these fancy foods are supposed to work on but I enjoy it :-) But it comes in these piddly little boxes and TCM is really too scatty to be expected to remember to replenish the stocks when they run low.

Fortunately she felt very guilty and opened a tin of tuna for me which went a small way towards me forgiving her...maybe. So that was the big drama this morning. Spent the day enjoying the late autumn sunshine and playing with Samuel. Note to self: must put a pic of Sammy boy up on this blog at some point. There's a strong smell of woodsmoke in the air at the moment and it makes his fur smell lovely.

So a fairly quiet weekend one way and another apart from the food crisis. This evening was a little blighted by TCM deciding to put on some soppy music and singing along. My first thought was to try and find the poor distressed cat that she must have trapped under a heavy object but no, it was just her warbling. Then, to make matters worse, she started bouncing around (I think she calls it dancing) which is most disconcerting when you are trying to lick a particularly awkward part of your back. I tried various ruses - withering looks, paws over my ears, miaowing.....nothing stopped her. In the end I went back out to play with Samuel. Well there's only so much human foolishness a cat can take. Especially when said human has committed THE cardinal sin. Doesn't she read my blog??


  • At 12:05 am, Anonymous noir said…

    Did you know that there is definative proof cats are better than babies? :)

    But then, as a feline you already knew this

  • At 8:10 pm, Anonymous TC's ex foster-dad said…

    Running out of nosh?! That is absolutely despicable. Appalling. Cannot be allowed. I think TCM should have to feed you fresh fish for a week, or catch nice warm mice for you to serve her pennance!

    You have my sympathy on TCM's singing. It's an experience alright ;-) No doubt she'll return that allegation about mine, but I didn't subject you to it at close quarters!

    Stay furry...

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