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This is a blog about looking exceptionally gorgeous, mousing, fishing, licking oneself and ranting about my owner. If that doesn't interest you, go somewhere else. My owner (a.k.a. SHE or TCM (the cat's mother - "who's 'she', the cat's mother?" get it? no neither did she) may occasionally amuse us (ahem) with her own tales of my activities when SHE thinks she can tell the story better. Oh well we have to patronise these humans....

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Feline superiority

Postmaster P. says I should blog more. I probably should, I suppose, just to keep my many fans happy lol. But the truth is, when you're a cat there are so many other things to do it's hard to find the time. That and the fact that TCM (who is my blogging assistant) has been off gallivanting when she should be entertaining *me*.

So what have I been up to? Well, I found a new impossible-looking position to sleep in recently which was an achievement. The weather's turned a little chillier here in London - perhaps Autumn is finally on its way - so I've been cuddling up to TCM more of a night which she seems to quite like until her leg falls asleep :-)

Just to prove I'm not an entirely insular creature, I thought I'd add a little something about the current situation in the Southern United States. Another feline blogger (I'm sorry mate I forgot to bookmark your blog) drew our attention to this little article from the Houston Chronicle
It's good to know that it's not just the British who are sentimental about animal welfare. I draw your attention to the comment about cats v. dogs:

"Most of what we've seen are dogs. The dogs come out and look for assistance. Cats are kind of survivors. In the coming weeks we'll start to see the cats. They're probably in a lot of attics."

Well put! As all sensible creatures know, we cats have a way of surviving any situation.

Talking of feline superiority, Lame Duck made some comment about me not being a 'taking over mankind' sort of cat. Just to set the record straight, I am more than capable of doing so but have more important things to do. In any case, I have one specimen of femalekind completely subjugated to my control and frankly that's a full time job. If you think about it, LD, I bet you know quite a few other female humans who are similarly controlled and if you have control of the female humans..... Think about you would say - job's a good un ;-)

Gosh, just talking about world domination is enough to make a cat hungry! I'm off for a snack. Later....


  • At 3:21 pm, Blogger lameDuck said…

    I could never claim to "control" a female, that's something no human male could ever realistically. All we can do is 'trade pleasures' in such a way as they eventually get hooked on said pleasures and become dependant. This is very dangerous as better men than me have had the process backfire and become controlled.

    Hey ho, thank god I'm made of tougher stuff.

    So, TCM is out and about a lot? Is she spending any nights on the tiles?


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