The Life and Times of Charlie (a.k.a. Furballs)

This is a blog about looking exceptionally gorgeous, mousing, fishing, licking oneself and ranting about my owner. If that doesn't interest you, go somewhere else. My owner (a.k.a. SHE or TCM (the cat's mother - "who's 'she', the cat's mother?" get it? no neither did she) may occasionally amuse us (ahem) with her own tales of my activities when SHE thinks she can tell the story better. Oh well we have to patronise these humans....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thou shalt have a fishy....

It's been a while since I last had fish for dinner so I thought I'd treat myself and caught one. TCM didn't wake up during all the time I was batting it about in the hallway - fish are delightfully slippery and slide beautifully on the parquet flooring. Anyway, I left her a nice big chunk to show her how clever I was but as usual she was unimpressed, tiptoed gingerly around it and muttered.

Peckish later so I polished it off. Well, waste not, want not! TCM will be pleased - less to clean up.

Off to dream about more fishy suppers - mmmmmmm....


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