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This is a blog about looking exceptionally gorgeous, mousing, fishing, licking oneself and ranting about my owner. If that doesn't interest you, go somewhere else. My owner (a.k.a. SHE or TCM (the cat's mother - "who's 'she', the cat's mother?" get it? no neither did she) may occasionally amuse us (ahem) with her own tales of my activities when SHE thinks she can tell the story better. Oh well we have to patronise these humans....

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Well folks, as always I've been too busy to blog lately but a work colleague and friend of TCM's sent her this and I just had to share it with you:

Spot on, I say. Dogs are sycophantic creatures at the best of times! I'd say a***-licking rather than 'sycophantic' for the less erudite amongst you but of course that is one habit that we do share with dogs ;-) Please note the three asterisks, American blog readers - an ass is a creature rather like a donkey.

Right, now that we've got that out of the way, I think I'll continue with my earlier theme of educating humans in the ways of the feline. Today the subject is priorities... or should I just say FOOD because in reality they are one and the same. And that is my point. TCM take note: if there's one thing we expect from you humans it is that our food bowls are kept filled to a reasonable level. Not that we're fussy, but we do expect you to get this right. Too full and the food loses its freshness, too little and we can't invite our friends in for dinner without losing face. You may worry about whether the house is clean and tidy when you have visitors but for us cats the main indication of social status is that we are well-fed and with food of a decent quality. So, just to be clear: if I can see my face reflected in the bottom of the dish, it needs filling up!

Nothing much else to report. Not been doing much hunting and gathering lately as the wildlife around here seems somewhat depleted of late - not sure how that happened ;-) Perhaps they'll restock that pond sometime soon......

Time for a snooze, now. Laters.....


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