The Life and Times of Charlie (a.k.a. Furballs)

This is a blog about looking exceptionally gorgeous, mousing, fishing, licking oneself and ranting about my owner. If that doesn't interest you, go somewhere else. My owner (a.k.a. SHE or TCM (the cat's mother - "who's 'she', the cat's mother?" get it? no neither did she) may occasionally amuse us (ahem) with her own tales of my activities when SHE thinks she can tell the story better. Oh well we have to patronise these humans....

Monday, June 06, 2005

Eating habits

Well kittens, it's been a few days since my last bloglet. Of course I've been very busy as you can imagine. Today, for example, playing tag with my mate. He needs a name blog readers - any thoughts?

Anyway, I promised you something on.... FOOD! Yes, that's right - the main influence in my life. Unfortunately most of the time all I get to eat is Hill's Tuna Light - not, I can assure you humans reading, an inspiring meal. But today TCM gave me some organic beef mince to savour and it was deeelish - I had it tres bleu naturellement!

Still on the subject of food (and with the memory of my tasty morsel fresh on my chops), that canine fellow who's been cluttering up my garden with his mangy presence has gone one step further and brought his take-away with him. Yes, really. He left a KFC box and some greasy bits of paper strewn all over the place. Finger licking yuck! Hope the Colonel isn't listening - he might put me in one of his burgers.

Oh, here's TCM with an ear tickle for me - gotta dash!

Thursday, June 02, 2005


We spotted a creature in the garden and at first we thought it was my friend. Then we realised that no, it was a fox! Now we had this problem some time ago (when TCM and I briefly lived in a place with the dodgy name of Isle of Dogs with Jeff - that's another story) and a small group of foxes (probably three) moved in and made themselves quite at home in my garden. Obviously I put a stop to that when I moved back in!

Anyway, TCM seemed quite fascinated by the mangy fleabag. I don't see what all the fuss is about really, apart from being affronted that they dare to invade my space.

Off to patrol my territory.....

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thou shalt have a fishy....

It's been a while since I last had fish for dinner so I thought I'd treat myself and caught one. TCM didn't wake up during all the time I was batting it about in the hallway - fish are delightfully slippery and slide beautifully on the parquet flooring. Anyway, I left her a nice big chunk to show her how clever I was but as usual she was unimpressed, tiptoed gingerly around it and muttered.

Peckish later so I polished it off. Well, waste not, want not! TCM will be pleased - less to clean up.

Off to dream about more fishy suppers - mmmmmmm....